Wednesday, 5 February 2014

New place

Hi - I'm now at

Hope you can join me

Friday, 28 June 2013

You saw me coming - I know you did!

Is it amazing that we don't bump into each other all the time? or maybe it's a learned cultural habit? I certainly took it for granted until recently.

I like to run. Yes there it is - out in the open. Yes, I'm one of those characters you see darting across roads, down paths, across the park or down your street. We usually set off from home and navigate a 'route' worked out previously or sometimes on the hoof.

Anyway, yes we (well some of us), travel at speed. Yes, we (some of us) are fairly quiet as we run along.

BUT - You can usually see us coming. The clobber a runner wears in public is hardly discrete. We only look acceptable (some of us!) when actually running. 

So, we are visible and the normal situation is moving at a speed far greater than walking pace. This presents some danger for the runner and pedestrians.

Most runners I know are very aware of this problem and adjust their direction or pace to leave a safe space between themselves and pedestrians and other hazards like cars, buses, lorries or even bicycles.

The question that i'd like to float out there is why do pedestrians not reciprocate? 

There seems to be a reverence for pedestrians. Why is that? I've had pedestrians step in the way on purpose, forcing me into traffic or watch me coming and refuse to even take one step aside so I can pass. What is it about running that produces this behavior? 

OK - rant over. That's me ready for a weekend run........ 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Something for the weekend?

There is something earthy about hiring a white van for the weekend – a surprising tonic. 

Recommended and cheaper than a weekend away! You are high up in the cab looking down on everything from a new perspective while simply moving items from A to B. Would that classify as a Zen moment?

You also get that definitive ‘job done’ feeling at the end – something rare in life these days don’t you think?

My two helpers were certainly in reflective mood…….

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Book now!

A quick advert for my ebook :)'s free. If you like it and want to donate to my favourite charity, let me know.

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Friday, 26 April 2013

Dunking metrics

Everyone likes tea and biscuits right?...right?

I'd always thought they were a guilty pleasure, to be consumed under cover of darkness or with the curtains closed..

But no!

Recent observations and investigations reveal a groundswell of tea and biscuit lovers letting it all hang out and proud.
Likely to break off I think....

But wait..not just being open about biscuit love, but recording and sharing the very details of that know the details that are subconscious, but REALLY matter like dunk-ability, absorption, hold-together-ness, etc know!

Could humble biscuit appreciation be a new plank in face to face networking?! try it, I bet you a packet of chocolate digestives it breaks the hardest of ice...

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Process or Analytic - which is best?....fight!

If you had Mr. Process in one corner of the boxing ring and Mr. Analytic in the other - who would you bet your money on?

I saw some 'stats'..! that said process thinking trumps an analytical approach in terms of value delivered 6 times over. I was dubious. Surely by using both you could deliver value 20 times over either one on their own?

Which end of the problem is easier to chew?
Coming at a problem from both ends can provide a bit of healthy friction with a strong appetite! 

Monday, 25 March 2013

No time for reading? then multitask!

The Kindle has changed my reading life. Amazing the places/times you can squeeze in a quick read.

There must be a blog out there devoted to 'where you read yours'...

Anyway, I'm reading a good read at the moment, which is one of those books that give you something to think about every few pages. Great for those of you who like to steal a little e-reading!

Where or when do you like to indulge in a good book? do you reserve different times for different kinds of book?

I can read and water my tomatoes...oh yes, great at multitasking me!!

Great place for a sneaky read away from the kids