Thursday, 28 February 2013

You need transition time!

Have you ever considered the myriad decisions, events and actions you navigate to arrive at the moment you’re in? Is navigate the right word? Is it more hang on for the ride? Or are you always ten minutes behind schedule? I bet you don’t engage in bar stool analysis about your week every Friday night down your local – with your family! Some people call it a ‘Family Meeting’.

I often raise the subject of regular family or relationship meetings with people I meet and either get baffled looks or instant recognition with comments like “yes, it’s great, we thought we were just weird. Good to hear someone else is as strange as us!”. Seems you've discovered this tool or you haven’t.

The beer flows and the conversation rattles along as you clear your mind of the week’s clutter and I swear you can actually see a physical change in yourself and others taking part. It’s more than a few drinks and ad-hoc bullshitting - this is free self help! It could save you a bundle in more ways than you think.
Self Help!

Be good to hear how you "wash the dust of the day away" as the Irish say.....