Friday, 26 April 2013

Dunking metrics

Everyone likes tea and biscuits right?...right?

I'd always thought they were a guilty pleasure, to be consumed under cover of darkness or with the curtains closed..

But no!

Recent observations and investigations reveal a groundswell of tea and biscuit lovers letting it all hang out and proud.
Likely to break off I think....

But wait..not just being open about biscuit love, but recording and sharing the very details of that know the details that are subconscious, but REALLY matter like dunk-ability, absorption, hold-together-ness, etc know!

Could humble biscuit appreciation be a new plank in face to face networking?! try it, I bet you a packet of chocolate digestives it breaks the hardest of ice...

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Process or Analytic - which is best?....fight!

If you had Mr. Process in one corner of the boxing ring and Mr. Analytic in the other - who would you bet your money on?

I saw some 'stats'..! that said process thinking trumps an analytical approach in terms of value delivered 6 times over. I was dubious. Surely by using both you could deliver value 20 times over either one on their own?

Which end of the problem is easier to chew?
Coming at a problem from both ends can provide a bit of healthy friction with a strong appetite!