Monday, 25 March 2013

No time for reading? then multitask!

The Kindle has changed my reading life. Amazing the places/times you can squeeze in a quick read.

There must be a blog out there devoted to 'where you read yours'...

Anyway, I'm reading a good read at the moment, which is one of those books that give you something to think about every few pages. Great for those of you who like to steal a little e-reading!

Where or when do you like to indulge in a good book? do you reserve different times for different kinds of book?

I can read and water my tomatoes...oh yes, great at multitasking me!!

Great place for a sneaky read away from the kids

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

An art or timing?

Heard the phrase "The art of the possible" lately?

I've noticed it creeping into the language of change. It seems to capture the mood of reaching or leaping beyond the constraints of today using a creative approach.

The 'art' bit is where it's at. 

How do you generate some attention to appreciate this art? it all down to timing in the end?

A great track captures this for me - enjoy!

"........You can be hurt by love or healed by the same"

Thursday, 14 March 2013

A tingle in the belly?

How often are you asked for your "gut feel"?

How do you feel when you are asked for it?

Have you thought about that before?

I'm always amazed by the power, speed and accuracy of gut feel. I do wonder as complexity inexorably increases we'll see a resurgence and recognition of gut feel as a serious tool.

Seems research is catching up with what we all think, but can't put our finger on...The science bit...

If you've got time for a longer read, David Brooks "Social Animal" explores the 'no decision without emotion' theme in an entertaining way. The bedtime read bit....

So, how do you train yourself and others in gut feel?

Maybe start by not asking for a 'gut feel' if the person looks in need of a snack!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Naked without?

What makes you feel naked without? 

It's one of those questions that you could probably guess what many people would say these days. 

But it's also one of those questions that never ceases to surprise as well.

I asked my youngest daughter (aged 7) what she'd feel naked without. She looked at me for a few seconds, said nothing and went off in search of a writing pad and pen. A few minutes later, she presented me with this;

One day I was looking for my gloves. I couldn't find them. I looked upstairs and down as well, but I couldn't find them. "Never mind". I will go without them.
When I was walking to school my hands were cold, so I had to put them in my pocket. My friends made fun of me for not having my gloves.
My mum bought me new girls gloves and that was embarrassing.
Then one day I saw a red pair of gloves on the table, but they weren't mine. They I saw a black pair on the floor and they were mine. Finally, I had my gloves back.
Now no-one makes fun of me.

The Author!

What questions do you like to ask that give surprising answers?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

There's a word for that..........

The Germans have a great word for worldview - ‘weltanschauung’. I know, tough one to get your tongue round? Click to hear to be fair to them, I think they defined the term and our feeble word tries to get there.

The dramatic and mysterious sound of the word somehow fits the fantastic concept of each person having a different view of the world expressed through their day-to-day language and the impact this has on others. The world moves on this stuff. It does for our cat, who 'needs' a place at the table now...

Seems the Germans have a knack for words like that. How about this one 'Wirklichkeitsanalyse'. Click to hear I'll leave you to look up what that means to you....deep I know. 

Do you wish you could find just the right word to describe something?