Saturday, 2 March 2013

There's a word for that..........

The Germans have a great word for worldview - ‘weltanschauung’. I know, tough one to get your tongue round? Click to hear to be fair to them, I think they defined the term and our feeble word tries to get there.

The dramatic and mysterious sound of the word somehow fits the fantastic concept of each person having a different view of the world expressed through their day-to-day language and the impact this has on others. The world moves on this stuff. It does for our cat, who 'needs' a place at the table now...

Seems the Germans have a knack for words like that. How about this one 'Wirklichkeitsanalyse'. Click to hear I'll leave you to look up what that means to you....deep I know. 

Do you wish you could find just the right word to describe something?

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